Leadscrew/Ways Cover

A cover for the Sherline mill it’s a must if you wish your mill last. This is the typical “accordion” cover, a very practical solution actually:

Now here’s the leather/delrin cover I actually use. Tough not pretty, a good thing about it is that it allows easy access to X axis lock screw (something that I use a lot).

leather_cover-01leather_cover-02And here’s the new cover for my modified Sherline cnc mill:

sherline leadscrew covercnc_cover-02A bit radical but effective and easy to clean (I hope). I will comment the whole design once completed.

Now, the next things I need to tackle will be anti-backlash nuts and column mount.

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3 Responses to Leadscrew/Ways Cover

  1. david says:

    Try vacuuming with a brush at the end mills. 😉

    Zero chips

  2. Jake says:

    Would you be willing to share the design of your leather/delrin way covers? I would love to make a set of my own, the accordion-style covers are not easy to fold and need replacing several times a year….looking for something easier. Thanks!

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