Here are links to code and files related to the electronics posts. May be that be useful to someone. Please note that I don’t plan to write detailed instructions on how to make these things work, at least for now.


I have uploaded binaries and sources of ADCViewer application to sourceforge here. At this moment there’s is a pre-alpha release, and no docs. I plan to continue working on this app, and at some point publish a step-by-step instructions on how to go.


  • The board of the AVR Development Board v0.1 has been put as a package of the ADCViewer in sourceforge. Included are Eagle schematic and layout, and main program C code. I will upload the binary hex and the code for the bootloader on request (I forgot doing that). To compile you will need ICC AVR from ImageCraft; there’s a full functional trial at their homepage.

1 Response to Downloads

  1. louie says:

    Great job ,wish i had the tools .but how about making one.?For me ?i would use it for wood products hobby in train buildings known as kit bashing,.I enjoy ,the challenge in building ,but i have no expierence in mech,metail.Just wood ,

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