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CNC Lathe making chips and choosing a video editor

I guess I should have chosen a curvy part instead of this boring one… maybe the next time. Now some words about my search for a decent linux video editor. I did my previous video using OpenShot; It was a … Continue reading

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So here is how my CNC lathe looks right now. I did the same abominable things to my manual lathe. No tailstock (by now). My soul is damned, but my ways will stay clean.

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DigiSpeed testing

Today I’ve successfully tested the spindle controller box; the DigiSpeed board seems to work nicely, without any issue. I will connect the motor overheating sensor signal to the e-stop input; I’m not sure, but a e-stop signaling seems better than … Continue reading

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Nut turning fixture

Making a nut from a button-shaped stock isn’t easy. So I’ve made this small fixture for the lathe. For every thread type a different tip-threaded rod should be made; in this case I needed 1/4-28. It’s a world of difference … Continue reading

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Homing switches for the mill

My cnc mill itsn’t ready yet, but I hope it will be soon so I’ve been starting to learn a bit of gcode. Meanwhile here are my homing switches. My approach here it’s very similar to the homing switches I … Continue reading

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