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3040 Frame

I’ve got this chinese 3040 CNC frame some time ago fromĀ  RATTM MOTOR CNC on aliexpress, for just US $ 536.07, shipping included. This is not a ready-to-use machine; you should put your own chains, steppers, stepper mounts, controller, etc. … Continue reading

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Proof-of-concept prototype

I’ve been lazy. This thing has been gathering dust on my desk for several weeks. Desgined to be cheap, lightweight and cute. Powered by Arduino and GRBL. Will this cut anything? or would be just a piece of modern art? … Continue reading

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CNC Lathe making chips and choosing a video editor

I guess I should have chosen a curvy part instead of this boring one… maybe the next time. Now some words about my search for a decent linux video editor. I did my previous video using OpenShot; It was a … Continue reading

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CNC Lathe Homing

I wish to start to publish some cnc stuff videos on YouTube, so here’s the first one. In the next one I will show this babe in action.

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Power Supplies

Are you searching for a new, cheap power supply for your CNC project? Well, here you have two options for a 24V / 8A supply. I bought Sonyang for $35 just here. I don’t remember how much I paid for … Continue reading

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