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CNC Lathe making chips and choosing a video editor

I guess I should have chosen a curvy part instead of this boring one… maybe the next time. Now some words about my search for a decent linux video editor. I did my previous video using OpenShot; It was a … Continue reading

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CNC Lathe Homing

I wish to start to publish some cnc stuff videos on YouTube, so here’s the first one. In the next one I will show this babe in action.

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Learning the hard way

When I was a CNC girl, I thought things like “Once you make one, you can do thousands, easily!”, “Acetal is the perfect plastic for precision parts and cuts like butter!”. OMG I was so naive. Making these parts were … Continue reading

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There’s a nasty thing in my nose

Have you ever checked your nose?. I did. Three ones. Here’s how it looks just after some retouch (saddly I didn’t take a before pic): And here’s a nose from a new spindle (9/16″ through hole version). It’s not just … Continue reading

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So here is how my CNC lathe looks right now. I did the same abominable things to my manual lathe. No tailstock (by now). My soul is damned, but my ways will stay clean.

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