Some Robots

I love robots. Here are some.

  • GBot (2004). This was part of my final thesis. I made it with scratch parts and aluminum profiles, using mainly a saw, a file and a drill (at this time I don’t had a lathe or milling machine). I programed (C) this robot to search and collect cans. It’s based on a AVR microcontroller.
  • Line follower (2004). I build two of this toys for my university robotics lab. Making competitions between student teams was fun. It’s based on a PIC microcontroller (16F628).
  • Scorbot. I buy this toy on 2008. It was disassembled, cleaned, fixed, and reassembled. It’s in working condition, but calibration is needed before delving into programming. Some day I plan to make a plataform and continue playing with it.
  • An industrial robot from a university exhibition. Very nice.

If there’s someone interested in robot circuits, here are:

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1 Response to Some Robots

  1. Funny: my cat is a different color but programed the same!
    I enjoyed going thru your blog and like the way you work and how you present your projects.
    When my kids were young I tried to program them, but they actually programed me! I think it worked out better this way.
    Charles DDS
    Ventura CA

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