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The Perfect Paper

I’ve been building a leadscrew cover for the Sherline’s I’m going to sell. I think this is a must on any cnc machine. I like the classical accordion-like cover, originally designed by ixen-cnc.com. So far, the main obstacle has been … Continue reading

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Steps of DIY PCB Making

As I said in the previous post I needed to remake my CNC controller boards. Here’s the work done. Board cutting. Filing. Edge lapping. Wet sandpaper gives great finish to the edges, and makes deburring easier. Cleaning. I used to … Continue reading

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I have a high respect and admiration for woodworking, and tough I have the tools (chisels, saws, planners, etc), rarely find myself working with wood. More commonly I build particle board furniture, and tough it’s not easy, I wouln’t call … Continue reading

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Homemade Anodizing

I ‘m been busy doing some aluminum parts, and after you work hard in a part you want it look beautiful and last long. So here is when anodizing comes. Most of the experience here is based on Ron Newman’s … Continue reading

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Playing with my AVR Development Board

Some time ago I design and build a development board to play with. It uses an AVR ATMega 8535 microcontroller, that has plenty of cool features. (schematic here) This board has a buzzer, 4×4 keypad, lcd, two leds, a pressure … Continue reading

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